" Time is always too short for those who need it. But for those who love, it lasts forever. "
- Mirena to Vlad before her death
Mirena "Rena" Dracul Tepes Is the first wife and was a Human bride to Vlad Dracula and the mother to his first child, there son Alexander, and the favorite daughter-in-law of Katja Tepes.

Vlad is Mirena's husband. After he became a vampire, she helped him hold on to his humanity. She told him to drink her blood to save their son future from his brother.

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Mirena was presumably born in Transylvania and met Vlad after he returned home from his time serving in the Ottoman Empire's Janissary Corps. Mirena was apparently unfazed by Vlad's infamous and bloody past, realizing he sought redemption and a peaceful life. They fell in love and married, with Mirena eventually becoming pregnant with here son Alexander.
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  • Mirena "Of the Sea" in Latin
  • She is depicted as being a Roman Catholic.
  • The character of Mirena is based on Ilona Szilágyi who was Princess Consort of Wallachia and the second wife of Prince Vlad the Impaler. She was the daughter of Szilágyi who was a cousin to Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary. Vlad had been imprisoned by his former ally, Matthias but gradually won back his favour and married Ilona in 1462. Around 1465, she has two sons: the elder, and the younger.
  • Her son Alexander named his beloved boat "The Mirena"
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