Juliet Annegret Carina Dorothea Claire Dracul Tepes Is the oldest daughter and child between Vlad Dracula and Desdemona Kozlov, and the older sister to Román, quadruplets Beatrix, Hermione, Lucretia and Toby and Annabella and Andromache. She is also the younger half-sister to Alexander, Dorian, Klaus, and Portia and the older half-sister to Adrian. And through her mother she has a older half-sister named Magdalena.

History Edit

Juliet was born without a caul making her human. Juliet was loved by her father but her mother Desdemona was extremely distant to her who refused to hold her, and he mother's side of the family which had a mostly human ancestry due painful death known now a days as Hashimoto's Disease. Desdemona eventually suffocate her while sleeping in her crib to spare her child the pain of a slow death. Vlad knew that Desdemona killed their child because at Juliet's funeral Desdemona was not broken at all instead she was laughing and drinking having a good time (she pretended out of shame for her human ancestry because she didn't want another reason for Katja to antagonized her)

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