Artaxerxes "Arta" Dracul Tepes Is the eldest son between Katja Tepes and Dracos Dracul Tepes, and the elder brother to Vlad, Lester, Camilla, Athenadora, and Ivan.

He was also completely in love with his wife Elisabeta Báthory but she wasn't in love with him, but was having a secret affair with his younger brother through Vlad only slept with her because he wanted his wife Mirena but she was pregnant and not comfortable during sex. He is also the father to Malik but his mother claimed that his brother Vlad was his father.

History Edit

Arta was married to Elizabeta and, on the night of his accession as head of the Tepes Clan, he and Vlad had a fight. Arta never like Vlad's wife Mirena and after getting in a argument with Mirena he murdered her, by pushing her over the balcony while she was pregnant; In revenge Vlad pushed him, and Arta lost his footing and fell from the battlements of Dracula Castle. The Count discovered he had landed on a wooden fence which had pierced him through the heart. Elizabeta later revealed that she had killed Arta with the piece of fencing.

Vlad was then forced to marry his widow. The Count never really loved Elizabeta and promptly ran off with Lucyna Westenra.

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